The Learning Center of Hopkinton

Where Kids Come First

At The Learning Center (TLC), we provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment for your loved ones from 3 months - 12 years of age. We are a family and offer quality educational care as well as enrichment programs.

Educational Programs:
  • Infant
  • Toddler
  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten Wrap-Around
  • Kids Clubhouse for School Age
  • Summer Camp

Enrichment Programs:
We are not just a second family for your loved ones, we offer the most incredible enrichment programs:

  • Karate
  • Tumblebus
  • Homework help
  • Sports programs
  • Yoga
  • Musical Gerry
  • Animals
  • Field trips
  • Summer programs
  • Holiday parties
  • Picture days
  • And so much more...

With more than 30 years of experience working with children, TLC is the only choice for an educational, loving and safe place for your children from infant to before and after school.

Call us today: (508) 497-0892

Don't just take our word for it.

What other parents are saying:

Dear Trish and the Awesome Staff at TLC ~ Thanks for another great summer! Dennis and Greta had a blast and as usual your program was jam-packed with activities. The kids came home happy, healthy and full of things to share with me! I think it has been 5 years that the kids have been at TLC and I feel like we are part of your family. Dennis and Greta have learned unbelievable social skills and have grown into mature, independent children under your care. Safety is an obvious top priority at the Center and I never worry about the safety of my kids when they are at TLC. TLC is like a second home to the kids and I greatly appreciate the extra effort to make the kids feel comfortable. You go above and beyond to make TLC a special place and I cannot thank you enough for the love, care and support you provide for us.

Sincerely, Lisa F.


Dearest Trish and the TLC Family ~  When I was getting ready to have my first son, I read up on daycare research and the key takeaway for me from the literature was that it was important that children felt that whatever the care arrangement, that it is just an extension of their family. I took this to heart and have always sought an environment for my 3 children that was just that, an extension of our family. TLC fit the bill from every angle as an extension of the family, beginning with Trish, (who can only be thought of as the best Aunt in the world!) all the way down the chain of command. The staff genuinely cares for each other as individuals and that feeling of family permeates into all that they do with the kids and families…

Lisa was literally Rachael’s “other mother” (I daresay second but rather a peer to myself!) and Lisa continues to hold the standard of all that is “soft and smells good” for her! Melissa, Gloria and Stephanie all mothered Kevin in turn and never once complained about that stinky “lovey” blanket (even as it deteriorated over the years!) Even with our oldest, Michael, who was only going to join field trips during the summer, I knew that I need not have a moment’s worry when Christine took Michael under her wing from the first field trip when he was just new to Hopkinton and I will never forget the love in her eyes and embrace!

For our 6 years in Hopkinton, Trish was so supportive of our unique family needs and even welcomed Michael (at 13!) to join his brother and sister on field trips while we were in temp housing preparing to move. She and her staff were always there in whatever capacity we needed them! I love the members of the TLC family as my own and have always gotten the same love in return. We have moved around and I’ve had my kids in different kinds of centers (from the posh ones with uniforms to someone’s own home) and TLC ranks the highest on my list!

Thank you, TLC for making a place for our children in your family for 6 years—we miss you in Minnesota!

The Jacqmein Family
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